Contact Tracing Will Lead to FORCED REMOVAL

Contract tracing has nothing to do with public health or the welfare of citizens or anything of the sort. Contact tracing is the means by which communism intends to control every last aspect of the lives of every last person on the planet. The false flag of all false flags.


Here is a good breakdown of the dangers of contact tracing, by Dr. Buttar.

STOP HR 6666

Here they are telling you that they intend to remove people from their homes to “other locations” which can only be a euphemism for some sort of work camp or concentration camp.

Straight from the horse’s mouth at the OFFICIAL CDC Contact Tracing site

Key Concepts

  • Trace and monitor contacts of infected people. Notify them of their exposure.
  • Support the quarantine of contacts. Help ensure the safe, sustainable and effective quarantine of contacts to prevent additional transmission.
  • Expand staffing resources. Contact tracing in the US will require that states, tribes, localities and territorial establish large cadres of contact tracers.
  • Use digital tools. Adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand reach and efficacy of contact tracers.


So there’s that. The “adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand reach and efficacy of contact tracers” means exactly that. A total surveillance state designed to keep track of ALL OF YOUR MOVEMENTS. If you leave your house and go to the same grocery store as somebody with a fever, then the “contact tracers” aka state terrorists will come to your house and decide whether or not your children will be allowed to stay with you. Probably not though, since the plan is to steal them. Are you awake yet?

More resources:
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Contact Tracing Apps Violate Privacy

Pay attention to the common themes in headlines, because that is how you know the plan is coming from the very top of the pyramid.

HEADLINES (updated often, mostly a collection of noisy propaganda designed to get you to accept government dictating your life through the ruse of “contact tracing”):

What you need to know about coronavirus contact tracing

Contact tracing for COVID-19 will be the most complex health investigation ever

Singapore looking at wearable devices to support COVID-19 contact tracing

Grab bag of businesses will be part of state’s contact tracing network — this is behind a paywall but no need to pay. Just think about how the Nazis enlisted citizens to snitch on their neighbors, these contact tracing Nazis are enlisting businesses and technology.

How Apple and Google plan to check the coronavirus spread with contact tracing — pay no attention to the propaganda designed to convince you that contact tracing is totally normal and has always been accepted

COVID-19 contact tracing apps are coming to a phone near you. How will we know whether they work?

Who Should Serve in America’s Contact Tracing Army? — this is terrifying language. The enemy is clearly inside the gates, but still you can’t use their own army to invade themselves, so what do you do? A “CONTRACT TRACING ARMY” is what they are using.

Gov. Abbott, on hot seat, defends $295M contact tracing deal

The Success of Contact Tracing Doesn’t Just Depend on Privacy

U.K. Contact Tracing App Could Endanger LGBT Human Rights, Minorities Warned

Coronavirus: Contact tracing scheme ‘two weeks away’ in Wales

Coronavirus contact tracing is ramping up, along with online training to fill the gap

Take Control of Your Domain Names

Coronavirus contact tracing: My new skill

South Korea just flexed its contact-tracing power: After partiers with the coronavirus went to nightclubs, it found and tested 46,000 exposed people

NYC Realty Company: Enhanced safety protocols, contact tracing will become new normal

UK pledges June 1 rollout of contact-tracing amid criticism

Government surveillance vs. individual sovereignty: Exposing the dangers of contact tracing

NHS groups ‘nervous’ about lockdown easing without contact tracing

23 Countries Are Already Onboarding The Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tech

Apple and Google launch digital contact tracing system

Answer The Phone: Officials Seek Cooperation With Contact Tracing

Apple iOS 13.5 Is Ready For Covid-19 Contact Tracing —Are You?

Here’s how U.S. states are using digital contact tracing to stop COVID-19

Twilio tapped to provide communications layer for NYC’s contact tracing program

When India’s Airports Reopen On Monday, They’ll Be Pushing Travelers To Use The Government’s Controversial Contact Tracing App

Tech privacy firm warns contact tracing app violates policy

Newsom pushes coronavirus contact tracing with first batch of tracers

Mandatory Vaccines? The Supreme Court Said Yes! But Wait, There’s More…

Justin Castro wants national testing and contact tracing efforts ramped up before the border reopens

Take Control of Your Domain Names

3 Investigates: Contact tracing and your privacy

Will County Health Department looks to increase its contact tracing capacity

Gov. Evers announces $1 billion statewide effort to boost testing, contact tracing and other actions to address COVID-19

Our Views: Let’s bring more public awareness to contact tracing to build confidence

The UK Public want the NHS to be the controlling body in Covid-19 contact-tracing app – says new research

Everbridge Unveils New Contact Tracing Software to Contain and Mitigate COVID-19 While Facilitating the Safe Return to Work for Business…

Why We Need the Human Touch in Contact Tracing for Coronavirus

Take Control of Your Domain Names

What Is Contact Tracing and Why Is It Crucial to Reopening California?

Illinois Launches Coronavirus Contact Tracing Collaborative

Contact tracing key to stopping spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus: Serco apologises for sharing contact tracers’ email addresses

Coronavirus contact tracing could stop COVID-19 and reopen America. We have a plan for that.

Contact-tracing apps for COVID-19: What you need to know (and do)

State launching online tracking system for COVID-19 contact tracing

Army Of Contact-Tracing Workers Being Recruited To Help Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

New York enlists ‘army’ of contact tracers to beat coronavirus… 

Contact Tracing? No Thanks.

The race to deploy COVID-19 contact tracing apps

Contact tracing 101: How it works, and why it’s so critical in fighting coronavirus now

Kentucky ramping up contact tracing efforts to combat virus

Take Control of Your Domain Names

After Weeks Of Debate, Italy’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Almost Ready To Debut

Walking the Tightrope: Privacy Risks in India’s Contact Tracing App

Billionaire Barry Sternlicht: U.S. should pay people to enroll in coronavirus contact tracing – So are they trying to bribe us into accepting worldwide fascism now?

There have been a number of articles recently about the problem with “contact tracing apps” which may appear confusing to someone that doesn’t understand they intend to use brute force, not some sort of technological honor system. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. But before long we see that the real push is for MANUAL CONTACT TRACING. Which means the government separating homes and putting people in camps.

Rage, rage against Manual Contact Tracing.

CDC director says US is ready to begin reopening but warns that it needs to have enhanced contact tracing and rapid testing in place before flu season

NI Begins Rolling Out Contact Tracing Systems

Cybersecurity Experts Find 11 Security Flaws in NHS Contact Tracing App

ALERT: Democrats Introduce Bill To Authorize Contact Tracing At People’s Homes

US Begins To Implement WHO ‘Contact Tracing’ To Forcibly Remove People From Their Homes! (Video) – Spiro


Contact follow-up: Regular follow-up should be conducted with all contacts to monitor for symptoms and test for signs of infection.”

FROM the WHO website

“So You Want To Be A Contract Tracer?”

Washington gov: Those who don’t cooperate with ‘contact tracers’ and tests not allowed to leave home

WHO Official: It’s Time To Remove People From Their Homes & COVID Task Force Admits Inflated Numbers

This was so obvious that Wretched Whitmer even pulled back on it. But anytime we see that, we can diving the eventual game plan. They gave away the plan too soon. Contact Tracing is their plan for the final decimation of the American Bill of Rights and all of our remaining liberties, including the right to RAISE OUR OWN CHILDREN.

How Apple and Google will fight the spread of coronavirus with contact tracing

UW, Microsoft release coronavirus contact-tracing app

Contact-tracing apps have a trust problem, even if they do protect your privacy

Contact Tracing: A vital step in controlling the spread of COVID-19

The Contact Tracing plan for Pennsylvania

Take Control of Your Domain Names hosts censored YouTube videos, you will find next to nothing on YouTube. Why is all of this information so dangerous?

Bitchute does not have censorship so search there for more information. is a great site for business owners standing up to trynanny:

Need to know your rights? We have legal documents that you can print and post on your place of business. We will also spotlight all attorneys who offer their help and guidance on what you can do.” Again that’s

Do you like edibles? – Get that rona cure here. – wtf?!


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CNN Headline: “Contact tracing is key to America’s coronavirus strategy…” and if CNN says it then it must be 100% accurate.

Coronavirus: Israeli court bans lawless contact tracing

Vote for Donald John Trump in 2020. We are under attack and he is a modern-day George Washington.

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